About Us

What is Trackerworld?

Trackerworld GPS Trackers are designed specifically for real time, live tracking, worldwide. You can track your device from your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet anywhere in the world. GPS tracking couldn’t be simpler. The beauty of a Trackerworld GPS Tracking device is its ‘Work out of the box’ ability. As soon as you receive your device, you can use it straight away. All devices come with some free credit, so you can start tracking live. Trackerworld’s tracking solutions provide you with affordable simplicity. Trackerworld have removed the barriers of expensive monthly tracking subscriptions. You only pay for what you need to use. True pay as you go freedom.


The online control panel is simple to use. You have the option to change frequency when you want to locate your device, or create a 360? virtual perimeter, so you know when the device has broken or entered a pre-determined 'zone'. Watch from the control panel, or call the device from your mobile phone - it sends you the address via SMS. Or simply click on history and see where it's been.

Take it out of the box. Switch it on. You can now track live. We have even given you some credits to get you started and then simply top up via the control panel or at There are no contracts, no monthly subscirptions and no activation costs.

Monthly Standing Order arrangements available on request. Please contact us on

Just Pay-As-You-Track!