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Questions & Answers

Here you will find the most common frequently asked questions.

Q. Will the tracker work once I remove it from the box?
A.We highly recommend that you charge your tracker for the first time. Once your tracker is fully charged the battery light indicator will remain a solid green. When turning the device on for the first time, you must switch it on either outside or next to a window. This is so that the device can establish its connection with the GPS. Then visit and click on GPS Login. You will be asked to download Microsoft Silver light software. Download this software, you may have to restart your computer. Go back to GPS Login and enter your Device ID when prompted. You will now be taken directly to your Control Panel and will be tracking live!

Q. Do I have to call the tracker customer service to activate my device?
A. No, the Trackerworld solution allows you complete freedom. Your tracker has already been activated you will just have to login into your account.

Q. The tracker comes with 50 free positions and 10 SMS, how long will this last?
A. The rate at which your positions and SMS credits are used, depends on which settings you have your device operating at. Your default setting is “send a position every 30 seconds”. You can change the interval at which your tracker reports in the Control Panel. If you change it to ‘report every 5 seconds’ your credit will not last as long. However if you change your setting to ‘report every 4 hours’ your positions will last much longer.

Q. What happens when my 50 free positions and SMS credits have finished?
A.Simply press the Top Up button and you can add more positions or choose your package.

Q. How do I add credit if we are situated out side of the UK?
A. The Top Up button allows you to add more positions to your panel regardless of which country you live in.

Q. Can I use the software to track my tracker on more than one computer?
A. Yes you can there are no restrictions.

Q. Can I track more than one device in my Control Panel?
A. Yes, you can view as many devices as you like in your control panel.

Q. Does the tracker have a warranty and if I have a problem what is the procedure?
A. The tracker has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. If you do have a problem then you must contact customer services or your tracker agent. If we cannot fix the problem and the warranty is valid, then we will dispatch a new unit to you.

Q. What is the panic button, and how do I enable it?
A. To activate the Panic Alarm, press (and hold for 4 seconds) the small grey button located at the top left hand side of the device. The tracker will instantly inform you of its location via SMS to your mobile phone and on the control panel. The panel will give an audible alert, show the device’s exact location and also have a visual warning signal. The panic function can be switched on/off from the panel too.

Q. How long does the battery last on the tracker?
A. The Trackerworld devices contain a rechargeable Lithium battery allowing you to track for up to seven days. The endurance of the battery depends on which interval you set your device to send its data. The more data your tracker is sending, the quicker the battery will deplete. We also provide external high powered rechargeable batteries that can extend the tracker’s tracking capability for up to 3 months available in our shop.

Q. How do I know when to charge my battery?
A. You can view battery strength at all times on the panel. The tracker also indicates low battery on the device via a red light underneath the battery indicator. When your device send an SMS or email you will have a report of the current battery power too.

Q. Is the tracker waterproof?
A. The tracker is water resistant to standard IPX6.

Q. Will my tracker work on holiday?
A. The tracker will work 24/7 in most countries around the world, please consult our customer services for more information.

Q. Can I track my tracker indoors?
A. The tracker has restrictions under very extreme conditions. This does not mean that it will not give you a fresh position. Any GPS device has its limitations. If you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete roof then the chances of obtaining a valid GPS position are very thin. The tracker has a very sensitive GPS receiver. This helps the device to obtain a fix very quickly. In general, you will find the tracker performs to a very high standard and it will give you fresh GPS positions in most buildings.

Q. Do I require a special mobile phone to track my tracker?
A. No, any mobile phone will allow you to instantly receive the full address details on where your tracker is. The SMS you receive will also indicate the time of the GPS position and the battery life.

Q. My tracker is it guaranteed?
A. Tracker has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Please ensure you read the Product Information Guide included within your tracker box.